Wholesale DSP Ergonomic Gaming Racing Office Chair
Headrest height adjustment The height of the headrest can be adjusted to fit the user’s physical structure in order to minimize stress on the neck and maintain stable posture and comfort. (To adjust height of headrest, pull it by hands)
Height and width adjustment of backrest It fits the user’s physique by adjusting height and width of the backrests thus always enabling the maintenance of a stable body posture and convenience for its user.
Seat height adjustment Users can adjust the height of seat to match their height or the height of the desk.
Tilt tension adjustment By adjusting the tilt tension, users minimize the pressure on their back.
Tilt adjustment By adjusting the angle of the chair, this function disperses the weight to the back of chair and reduces the load on the cartilages between spinal discs.
Urethane casters Rolling softly, they make less noise and prevent cracks and damages to the floor.